The new edition of Double Signature this holiday spacer wire

After the success in the previous editions, back in the days of the Double Design Full week Firma, the joint project connected with Living Corriere della Sera, the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Base and Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship until this year opens the doors with Villa Mozart to Milan from Tuesday 17 to Sunday 24 April (via Mozart 9, along with hours 9.

Thus, the poetic sign of Kiki van Eijk translates into candle places and marble bowls dressed inside the gold leaf of the Berta Battiloro class, the young Lebanese David & Nicolas re-read using their retro-futuristic aesthetic the inlaid wood belonging to the Morelato cabinet, the Attitude to Ini Archibong’s paintings & craft transforms the knit shirt with the Miles manufacture into a digital pattern and inside hands of Studio Swine the silver in the Babetto jewelery becomes a sodium and pepper set inspired from the volumes of Giotto’s paintings.

The rooms on the 30s architectural masterpiece signed by Portaluppi and Andreani, today the property of the high jewelery Giampiero Bodino, could be the stage for a collection connected with thirteen original works arising in the creative short circuit between the globe of high Italian craftsmanship plus the contemporary vision of design worldwide: a synergistic exchange, but also a challenging spacer wire one between the two parts, which pushes the art masters to look for new expressive possibilities and together offers the designers selected by Living the unique opportunity deal with precious materials and ancient workout sessions handed down by generation to be able to generation..

“Continuing its research path inside the tradition, the new edition of Double Signature this holiday season moves the focus on the excellence on the Veneto region, a basin rich in high craftsmanship and always prepared to take international exchanges”, explains Alberto Cavalli, Director in the Cologni Foundation. 00). 00-19.You will find not two without three, sometimes on special occasions

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