Weavability by giving a precise forecast of yarn behavior in processing

Utilizing this great volume of data is what makes it possible for the system to predict weak places inside yarn. This important forecasting function could otherwise be difficult or impossible to realize — and is way outside of the capability of other standard testers.

The integration of results with Uster Tester 6 allows users to profit from intelligent alarms through the Entire Testing Center. Smart reports combine results from both evenness along with tensile tests, providing an review the quality being produced.

Seamless correlation with Uster STUDIES benchmarks makes Uster’s weavability System a vital instrument to minimize claims and also to drive producers towards higher success.. Graphic tools such as scatter and building plots show all significant information for a glance. Ultimate process control comes considering the connection to Uster TESTER SOME.

It will be the standard for prediction of Weavability by giving a precise forecast of yarn behavior in subsequent processing, especially on high-performance weaving equipment.The broadband of 400 m/min actually simulates the dynamic stress for the yarn during weaving, and this makes the Uster Tensojet 5 an original tensile measuring system.

Fewer weak places in the actual yarn mean higher efficiency upon downstream machines. The actual Uster Tensojet 5 performs 25, 000 tests per hour, making accurate data through this extensive and rapid warp knitting machine measurement. The prediction connected with weavability increases economic efficiency, and weaving quality and profit margins

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