Knitting machine’s research and development work for quit some time

But some of the particular material properties of metals noticeably restrict the freedom of kinetic engineering, according to the maker. This innovative composite is more and more employed as lightweight construction stuff by users in future-oriented expansion markets, and also by Knitting machine company.

An alternative in that respect is carbon fibre reinforced plastic, CFRP, the company considers. 55 kg/dm³, making it the ideal material for some applications, for example for the particular manufacture of bars. In this approach, it is possible to decrease the component weight, at once achieving a high material solidity and strength, the warp knitting machine company stories.Energy-saving machine concepts are already the key aspect of Knitting machine company’s research and development work for quit some time..

This composite is said to offer a high tensile muscle and stiffness, as well as extremely low heat expansion and then a density of only 1. This is why why in the past the component design mainly devoted to metal.

Components manufactured from CFRP are said to have got six times higher stiffness or over to eight times higher durability than aluminium. In particular, the weight of the metal bars and the thermal expansion of the material, as well as its limited stiffness, restrict the machinery builder’s possibilities to add to the rotational speed of the particular machines for obtaining higher textile productivity.

Due to its mechanical properties, CFRP stands from other plastics and metals. The machine parts of warp knitting machines really should be solid and sturdy because they have to withstand different effective forces

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