Depending on how many yarns ought to be wound onto air jet reed

A impairment in output is unavoidable along with biconical warping. In this case, the switch-off point is air jet reed when there exists a correlation with the warping length that have been input or with the maximum possible diameter.

The greater acute the angle selected, the narrower is the arrangement and the greater is losing volume as well. The operator can set by far the most suitable speed in each case, depending on the beam quality and sensitivity of the yarns. With this tapering shape, the edges in the yarn layers form a bevel, which prevents the upper layers from falling down.

The PBW 130″/2 is suitable for processing many different yarns.. When the raschel machine, on which the pattern beam shall be subsequently processed, can handle substantial packages, the warping process might be continued. The maximum warp length that is selected is 100, 000 metres and the setting relies on the yarn count.

In order to fully utilise the chances of producing perfect packages offered because of the new pattern beam warping equipment, the yarn tension levels must be set so that they are absolutely identical at your creel. The machine operator can set a width involving between 25 and 220 mm, depending on how many yarns ought to be wound onto a beam axle.

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