Positively driven and computer-controlled offering units wire

The company says binding wire suppliers provides designed the SM9-MF to knit an array of both man-made fibres as well as all sorts of natural fibres. The organization will exhibit its Atlas solitary jersey model in 30 ” diameter open width in 62 measure. ATLAS knitting head without sinkersThis Atlas variant has become designed without sinkers, choosing to make use of Machine company’s patented ‘under jacks’ that serve the same technical function as the sinkers, but do not get in the manner of the needles during stamp collecting.

Machine company has adopted this patented system in all of its single jersey ultra fine gauge Large Diameter equipment and says, since launching the innovation, the company has already set up several ultra fine Atlas models both in Europe and Asia to the great satisfaction of its customers. ”

Machine company says the SM9-MF is actually ideal machine for both small mills that need a wide range of specialised items and for large mills that need both level and versatility. It has required us to utilize our vast experience and knowledge to produce such a competent all-round model, ” Machine company says

Positively driven and computer-controlled offering units and compensating yarn tensioners will be claimed to guarantee optimum yarn anxiety. German machine builder Knitting machine company are going to be showing its latest innovations at ShanghaiTex from 14-17 June, innovations that the company says are setting specialised and economic standards in warp knitting and warp preparation over ever.

6 seconds to brake from maximum speed to somewhat of a complete stop, and the yarn warp is kept under control regularly, ” Knitting machine company points out

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