A wonderful solution for getting a good night’s sleep

These functional cover fabrics, using their airy construction, are said to optimise the sleeping climate and they may be washed and dried easily, then put back onto the mattress again devoid of problems.

Warp knitting Company affirms, the thin, 3D warp-knitted fabrics may also be quilted easily in the models typically used for padding or even cushioning materials. “

With their exceptional breathability and cushioning that corresponds into the shape spacer wire of the body, warp-knitted spacer textiles gives a high level of comfort and enable the sleeper to relaxation and recover by guaranteeing full, sound and healthy sleep – a wonderful solution for getting a good night’s sleep! ” says Warp knitting Company.

Warp knitting Company’s TM 2 machine is considered to be ideal for producing these stable, dense fabrics; the TM 2 is often a two-bar tricot machine which can be fast and flexible and generates top-quality products. According to Warp knitting Company, in addition to full mattress covers, flat covering materials with printed designs are an up-and-coming trend.

The machine’s electronic facilities enable alternating 2D and 3D zones and also different lappings to be proved helpful, which influences the characteristics in the fabric..

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